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  • Unwanted consumer electronics recycling.
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  • Apple Mac and Macbook recycling.
  • Laptop and desktop PC recycling.
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Seattle Computer Recycling – 7525 Aurora Ave N. Seattle WA
Call for Recycling now! (206) 257-2323

What can I recycle?

We help Seattle’s citizens, and companies properly dispose of unwanted e-waste. Used electronics don’t belong in a land fill where they could cause soil, water or air contamination. – Please help us recycle (computers) this stuff.

Seattle Computer Recycling: We do all we can to repair for re-use all computers, laptops, and other electronics left for recycling. Every laptop or desktop we can repair or make usable for someone is one less that needs to be manufactured, and shipped. Even the recycled equipment we can’t fix is passed on to a materials recycler, and 100% of the items are broken down and put back into the system, instead of being discarded in landfills. If you have a Mac, a computer or a laptop you need recycled, bring it into our location at 76th and Aurora. We will wipe your data, and recycle or re-use all parts possible.

Call Seattle Computer Recycling if you have any questions. Our phone number is 206-257-2323. We are open and recycling electronics, computers, MacBooks and laptops 7 days a week.

Laptop, Desktop, Electronics Recycling Center Seattle

Secure data destruction guaranteed – Focus on reuse – Corporate pickup service – Proper disposal – Environment friendly methods – 100% recycle goal – Re-use is better than recycling.


Electronics Recycling

Unwanted consumer electronics recycling center.

Corporate Pickup Service

We offer e-waste recycling Pick-up for corporate computer recycling.

7 Days a Week

You can drop-off at store we are open 7 days a week.

We've been proudly serving the Seattle area for Computer Sales & Repair

Computer problems? We provide fast and affordable repair service.   We offer Laptop repair, Desktop repair, Apple Mac repair, and Macbook repair. This can be done at our store at 76th and Aurora.


Laptop / Desktop / Apple Macbook Repair & Upgrades.